So excited for you on this journey! Have you gone to writing conferences? We've got one here in ATL that is sort of a big deal. Getting agents to bite is difficult these days with an industry becoming more and more money hungry. BUT there's still hope for anything to happen.

I loved Captain Underpants and T-Rex growing up. Those were really cool graphic novels... wait, was T-Rex a graphic novel or a regular book? Either way, there's definitely a market to dip your toe in.

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So I was never a comics kid growing up. I never had enough money to consistently buy comics and my parents thought they were a waste of time and money. So I think my first comic I actually received in a gift bag at a friends birthday party. It was a Batman detective comic where the Dark Knight was investigating a series of grisly murders at the hands (er paws) of an escaped Siberian Tiger or something like that.

These days I still don't have many comics, but due to my Star Wars fandom, I do have a chunk of those. I can't remember my last one, but I have preordered the combined book of issues 1-5 of the Marvel Kenobi series. That should be arriving in a week or so. So I know what my next read will be! And the Oddity sounds great!

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I'm always interested in hearing how kids/readers come across their first comics. I gotta say... it's pretty cool that your pal gave his friends comics as a gift! Did you read that comic until it fell apart?

I was reading the new Star Wars Marvel books on the Unlimited app for a while. I was really enjoying them! I fell off due to time, but I'm anxious to get back to them at some point.

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I did read it quite a bit. But at the time I was deep into my Hardy Boys fandom. :) I might still have that comic stashed way up in an attic space somewhere.

I've read a handful of the other Star Wars comics but I tend to prioritize the novels. I wish I could get them all but finances tend to greatly override passions sometimes. :)

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